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Finding Tattoo Artwork on the Internet

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Almost any information or knowledge you need can be found on the web.The Internet is especially helpful if you have a generic design style in mind, but you’re not sure of all the possibilities.Finding designs online could not be easier; simply locate one that catches your fancy, print it, and take it to a tattoo parlor.

For the best, highest quality work, several sites stand out above the rest.

The Tattoo Johnny Website

If you’re looking for top notch designs and the newest styles, the Tattoo Johnny website should be one of your first destinations. You will be hard pressed to find a more extensive collection of designs, and their stencils available for download make getting a tattoo extremely easy.

A stencil is necessary to receive a tattoo, and this website has every stencil you could ever need.In addition to their large collection, they recommend qualified professionals who can give you the exact ink you desire.

Before you ever get a tattoo, you should visit Tattoo Johnny for valuable advice and assistance.

Outsourcing Your Tattoo Designs

In addition to actual sites, there are many people and message boards on the web that enjoy aiding fellow tattoo seekers with their ink. These people also have numerous tattoo designs, along with the experience and knowledge to provide excellent assistance.Any design you desire, from flowers, to crosses, to images, the members of these communities are sure to have the resources to help.

It’s vital that you have a firm grasp of the meaning of anything you have permanently tattooed on your skin, and you should have complete faith in the tattooist you select. One of the worst feelings you will ever experience is feeling uneasy and worried while the artist does his work.

Finding Good Japanese Tattoo Art

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

While Japanese art is a creative and wonderful art form, you will need a suitable tattooist to capture its essence. There are several steps that need to be followed in order to find a reputable, talented artist who can provide the tattoo you desire.

Research what is available

Begin the process by searching your local phonebook or the Internet to discover all the tattoo parlors that are possibilities for you. Thousands of tattoo parlors specializing in different styles exist all over the globe for your consideration.

The artists in small town tattoo parlors often lack experience, due to the fact that they don’t work with many customers.

Due to the fact that a tattoo is with you for the rest of your life, take care to find a quality artist that you trust.

Check your design carefully

Since Japanese is a foreign language and you probably don’t understand the characters and symbols, double check the meaning before you get it inked.It’s not too uncommon for someone to receive a Japanese design that has a completely different meaning than what they thought.

In a situation like this, both the customer and tattoo artist are to blame. They should ask to be sure you know exactly what the design means, but you should have taken care of that before entering the parlor.

How to Find the Best Tattoo Artist

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

Finding a tattoo artist you trust and puts your nerves to rest is an important step in the tattoo process. It’s a common occurrence for people to believe that all tattoo artists are the same, but that is not true. It’s no guarantee that an unknown artist will have the training or skill to give you the type of tattoo you seek.
Certain tattoo artists may be unskilled but trying their hardest, and others may just be apathetic and only care about getting paid. Avoid these types at all costs. Also, take note of the condition of the facility, because if it’s gross and dirty, you will know the owner doesn’t care about sanitation.

To find a special type of artist, such as a Chinese one, you will probably have to do a little more work.

Ask Others For Their Opinion

The best sources of information are those with firsthand knowledge. Family and friends are great assets because they can give advice about specific tattoo artists and parlors. Unbiased tips are important, and this is the best place to find that objective advice.

Review The Artists Previous Work

Reviewing the portfolio of any possible tattooist is a crucial step.In order to truly form a valid opinion, you need to see the work they’ve completed. Request an artist to see pictures of past clients and the designs they received.
If you heed the advice listed above, you will be in a good position to find your ideal artist who can provide a tattoo that will leave you satisfied and happy.

Creating your very own tattoo art

Monday, July 20th, 2009

Are you a person who has been considering getting a tattoo, but you have lots of questions about the process? One of the first things to consider before actually getting inked is whether you’re going to chose a design from the artist’s catalog or create your own.

This decision is yours because a custom design is cool and individual, but with an artist’s design, you can see how the final product turned out.
Regardless of who designed the tattoo, the most important factor is whether or not it’s going to make you happy. The worst thing that can happen is regretting the tattoo or no longer finding it appealing.

Going for it

Once the design has been decided, the question becomes, where am I going to get it inked? The location is a fairly large decision. Do some research beforehand to find a business that is reputable, clean, and accredited.

This is common sense, but be sure they aren’t reusing needles, in addition to other health standards. Using a needle multiple times is not just unsanitary, it’s extremely unsafe.

Before ever going to a tattoo parlor, do research to ensure they will be properly take care of you. As you put so much effort into picking a design, do yourself the favor of finding a facility that will do a good job.With all cautions out of the way, there are many excellent artists waiting to assist you.

Get Original With Your Arm Tattoo Ideas

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

The arm is one of the most popular tattoo locations but unfortunately it’s not very original.Many people who get tattoos are proud of their individuality. If these adjectives are fitting for you, put s substantial and focused effort into designing your tattoo. Your design should not be the same or similar to everybody else who’s ever gotten a tattoo. The tattoo should make a statement about you as an individual. Your tattoo idea shouldn’t be solely based on appearance, and certainly don’t just pick a design from the artist’s wall.  Cover-up up or removal procedures don’t always work, so assume your tattoo will never go away. Before ever entering the parlor, be completely certain you are happy with your selected design.

Overused Ideas

We’re going to cover some of the most played out arm tattoos. Barbed wire and tribal bands around the bicep are way too common. Nearly every frat boy in America has some variation of this design. If you view yourself as unique, a tattoo that millions of other people have is not for you. Getting a cross for the sake of having one, along with tribal designs, are played out. Use a little effort and creativity so you can be different from everybody else.

Full Arm Tattoos, or "Sleeves"

Certain people like the idea of having their entire arms covered in tattoos. The effect is that the wearer looks like he or she always has sleeves, thus the name.Due to the amount of space available for sleeves, a large number of design ideas can be intertwined. Be sure you’re aware and happy with all the ramifications of having sleeves. They can affect job prospects because even long sleeves may not completely hide them, creating a problem with many employers. Think carefully before receiving the ink.

Essentially any design will fit well on your arm, just select something that has a meaning to you.If it makes you happy, that’s the most important thing.

Who Are Chopper Tattoo?

Friday, July 10th, 2009
Site Usability
Customer Service
Value for Money

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Screen shot 2011-06-13 at 9.16.11 PM

There seems to be quite a lot of interest in Chopper Tattoo worldwide at the moment, but just who are Chopper Tattoo, and why the keen interest?

If you have been looking for any length of time on the internet for free tattoo designs or printable tattoo designs, you will know just how difficult it is to find what you want. There are plenty of sites out there with several hundred different tattoo ideas and designs, poorly categorised, that can sell individually for up to $18.00 each! There are even some sites that claim to provide designs for free, but as we all know, nothing is really free these days.

This is where Chopper Tattoo come in. Why waste time on searching for images all over the internet, where for almost the same price of buying one tattoo, you can get a membership to one of the best quality tattoo sites on the internet, with thousands of printable tattoo designs (more being added daily!) in well organized categories. They even have lettering which you can download to your own computer to use in creating your own personal tattoo design.

Why a membership?
Think about it. You could buy one printable tattoo online, then decide later that it may not be suitable, or you see something you like on someone else that you like better. You would then have to make another purchase of your new design. With a membership site like Chopper Tattoo, you can browse through the thousands of various tattoo ideas at your leisure from the comfort your own home before you even visit the tattoo parlor.

Customer Service
Chopper Tattoo does everything 100% right from the very beginning. With follow up emails and suggestions, you just get the feeling you are in the best hands. When you sign up, you have the option to choose between 30 day, 60 day or lifetime membership, starting at only $19.95! Not only that, but they throw in valuable bonus offers like free music downloads, a free magazine, a very useful tattoo parlor locator tool and even $500 off your next tattoo design for US members!

Top Notch.

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Choose Your Foot Tattoo Ideas Carefully

Thursday, July 9th, 2009

Picture this: you’re ecstatic because you’ve just decided to get a foot tattoo. While foot tattoos are popular with guys and girls, women have taken a definite liking to the trend.Nowadays, it’s commonplace for ladies to get birds, flowers, stars, and other images inked anywhere from the top of the foot to the end of the toes. Before taking the plunge and getting the design, consider if it will actually make you happy and be appropriate in situations in which you find yourself.

Size Matters
An important factor in selecting a design is whether it’s tiny and easily covered. The design should occupy a small area of your foot and not be visible with a shoe or sandal. Put yourself in the place of someone else and consider how your tattoo might come across to someone who doesn’t know you. Some designs are not offensive and may send a warm vibe, such as flowers or hearts, but a skull is a different story.

Tattoo Ideas

Designing your foot tattoo can be an enjoyable process. Women can use flowers, rainbows, stars, or anything that is cute and fitting, and guys typically select tribal art or sports logos. Uniqueness and expression should be the focus of your tattoo. If you’re not artistically inclined, ask a friend to help with the design. After the design is complete, take it to a tattoo artist who can ink it onto your skin.

Consider the following about feet tattoos.They will be visible to everyone anytime you take your shoes off, for swimming or anything else. As tattoo removal and cover-ups are costly, complicated, and sometimes painful, avoid putting yourself in that situation and be sure you like the design before it’s permanently inked. You may want to try a henna tattoo, which disappears after about a month, before the real thing to see if the design really makes you happy.

Creating Your Own Tattoo Design Ideas

Tuesday, July 7th, 2009

A tattoo is a very personal experience because it conveys your personality and individuality. That is the underlying reason many people get tattoos. It should represent you as a person. Depending on your preferences, you may choose anything from a comic book character, to a memorial to a deceased relative, to a favorite quote. The most important factor is that you are totally satisfied with what you pick. It should be your own, unique creation. Not enough people have original ideas; they simply pick the first design they see at the tattoo parlor. In addition to the unoriginality factor, you’re likely to share that tattoo design with many other people.  Be sure your design is what you want and your mind is not going to change, because after it’s inked, there’s no going back.

Thinking about drawing your own?

In addition to displaying your artistic abilities, a custom tattoo design is the best way to show your hobbies and style. Brainstorming your favorite things and writing them down is an excellent starting point.Possible things to consider are: hobbies, wishes, dreams, favorite colors, and important people in your life. After the list is completed, start doodling and see where it takes you. Put in a decent effort, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your ability. In all likelihood, you’ll be able to use several designs in different locations. With whichever option you choose, revise and improve the design until you’re confident enough to visit a tattoo parlor and have it inked.

What if I’m not artistic?

Even if creating original designs is not your forte, ask a more artistic friend for assistance. If none of your friends can assist you, visit a tattoo artist, and they’ll create a version of it. Don’t feel like you must have the artist’s version tattooed if you don’t like it. Since a tattoo is permanent, don’t feel obligated to use the design a friend creates just to avoid hurting his or her feelings. There is no reversing a tattoo, so if not speaking up about disliking a design could lead to a lifetime of regret.

Popular Star Tattoo Ideas

Monday, July 6th, 2009

Stars have always been a source of inspiration and wonder for people. The stars are expressions of the unknown universe, another world larger than all of us. It’s not surprising that stars have become so popular for tattoo designs. As a testament to its popularity, both men and women appreciate stars. It’s possible for the star to be the only image, or it can be incorporated with something else. The foot, shoulder, forearm, and back are popular choices for the star to located. The tips that follow will help if you’re serious about a getting a star inked onto your body. Don’t use any of the ideas exactly as they appear; customize it and be unique.   Tattoos are excellent forms of self expression and should convey your style and personality.

Nautical Star Designs
Nautical stars have become a popular choice.The design comes from the classic look of a directional map star. Ship captains used to use the star on maps to help navigate rough seas, thus the name. Adventure and exploration is the message behind the star. Used singularly, the nautical star makes a powerful statement. When used as part of another scene, the message can be enhanced. Keep reading, as there are many more possibilities with stars.

Falling Stars
Falling stars are another popular choice. Many people make a wish when a falling star is seen in the sky. Because falling stars are not an everyday sight, seeing one brings joy and excitement. People receiving a falling star tattoo are often trying to capture this sentiment. It sends a message of dreams and wonder. All these messages are positive, happy ideas that people like to be associated with. Think about your own interests and personality when deciding whether to have a standalone tattoo or larger scene.

This list has barely scratched the surface of possible designs. If you are unable to do it yourself, ask an artistic friend to help create a sketch for your tattoo. There are so many types of star tattoos that nobody should have trouble finding one.

Ideas On How To Cover Up A Tattoo

Friday, July 3rd, 2009

If you live in regret of a tattoo you once received, you’re not alone. There are numerous reasons for regretting a tattoo, from breaking up with a girlfriend, to realizing a piece of ink is inappropriate, to having it deteriorate as it ages.A couple of options exist for those serious about getting rid of the tattoo.

You can cover it up, or go the extra step and totally remove it.Removal sounds like a no-brainer, but consider that the image may not be completely removed, the process is painful, and you may experience permanent scarring. Unfortunately, the design almost never completely fades from your skin. As a result, a larger number of people opt for the cover-up. Be sure you pick a design you actually like that will be covering your old ink, instead of only picking only for the sake of coverage. Picking a design you don’t really like defeats the whole purpose of covering up the unfavorable tattoo.

When selecting your new design, think about the location of the old tattoo. Use common sense, and if you want to cover a tattoo on your arm, select a design that actually makes sense for your arm. The worst case scenario is ending up with a large dark blob. Though it does cover the original ink, it looks terrible and will not make you feel much better about yourself.

What To Get
As a rule of thumb, dark tattoos make the best cover. Good cover tattoos include anything large enough to fit over the first design and are filled in with color, such as a shaded star. Don’t hesitate to ask the tattooist for suggestions, as they have done this many times.

For the last time, you must find the cover-up tattoo appealing. Don’t give yourself the chance to regret the selection and end up in your current situation. Spend a decent amount of time considering the choices, and make an informed decision.The old piece is not going to magically get bigger or relocate as you take your time to pick a new design. Once the decision is made, visit a parlor and receive ink that will hopefully make you happy again.